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Shadowhunters - A merchant's ware

Titolo: A merchant's ware
Fandom: Shadowhunters
Pairing: Magnus/Alec
Parole: 1012
Riassunto: [D&D AU Alec is a rogue and Magnus is the merchant that his party goes to to buy potions.

Alec can still hear the laughters of his sister and he forces himself not to look back. He knows why she's laughing, and he also knows he hasn't been exactly subtle, but he has never cared much about subtlelty.

It was never in his genes, and it's not something he particularly excelled at. Also, Magnus seemed to like the fact that he wasn't.

So he knocks on Magnus's shop and await the customary It's open that signals his enter.

They have been out of the city for a couple of weeks, hunting beasts and dragons, and it feels good to be back home.

Alec enters quickly and he notices immediately Magnus, slumped on his own counter, much more depressed than usual. His clothes too, look a little more plain than usual, and in general his demeanor seems a little more subdued than what Alec is used to see.

"Magnus? is everything all right?" he asks, and the moment Alec talks, Magnus changes completely.

The merchant looks up, startled, and then his eyes grow three sizes. All the light that had seemed gone until that moment returns to his eyes. "Alexander!" the mage says, with a little trill in his voice and Alec smiles at him.

As always, Magnus knows how to make him feel welcomed, and Alec loves coming into the shop.

"Hi Magnus, no time no seeing," he says, with a little awkward wave, and Magnus nods again.

"Too long, I know the works of you and your party is important, protecting all Tal'Dorei, but we miss you all in the city," Magnus says, with a soft smile, "I miss you."

Alec feels his own cheeck burn at this, but he can't help but smile, thrilled.

It has been a difficult couple of weeks. The Slayers Take had given them more bounties than they had been able to handle in a short amount of time, so they had fought for days on end, without pause.

Seeing Magnus, now, almost makes him feel like he's not tired at all.

"So, what have you brought for me, beside your presence?" Magnus asks, with a flirty twirl, and Alec blushes a little. He never understands how Magnus can flirt so easily, almost as if he breathes flirt and charm.

Alec, on the other hand, is the typical rogue. All his clothes are black, and he's more used to disappear in the shadow than actually talk to people. He's the best at stealth of their whole party, and he's usually the one that has to save all of their ass, but once he's out of the battle, Alec doesn't know how to act, or how to talk with people.

Magnus makes him want to actually learn.

But, for now, he does has things for Magnus who, beside being a merchant in one of the biggest cities of Tal'Dore, is also a collector of beautiful and strange artifacts.

He usually ask Alec to bring him anything of interest they come across in their trips and, in exchange, Magnus gives them his wares at a reduded price. All in all, it's not a bad deal.

"We found a book, and some artifacts in the hoard of a dragon," he starts, searching for them in the Bag od Holdings.

"Ohh, dragon layers, I love those! Did you take some scales from the dragon too?" Magnus asks, delighted and Alec nods.

"Yeah, but... it was a black dragon and I was thinking..." he stops, realizing that it's a little embearassing, but Magnus smiles.

"You want to make yourself some new armor? You had to wait until you took down a black dragon, after all," Magnus comments, making fun of him, and Alec huffs, caught.

It's true. This is not the first dragon they have killed, but it's the first black one, and Alec had refused to make himself an armor before this.

He finally finds what he was looking for in the bag of holding and he starts taking them out, putting them on the counter. One book, one statue, some dragon theefs, a silver magical coin and a wand.

"This is all we could find," he explains, looking at them. "It's not that much."

"Are you joking, darling?" Magnus says with a smile, "it's more than enough. Look at this coin! Such a good enchantment. It allows the owner to send messages to other people. Incredible!" Magnus smiles, looking back to him, "you always know exactly what to give me."

Alec smiles, a little flattered. "Well the others help too," he has to admit, and Magnus laughs, delighted.

"Yes, of course, but we both know your party wouldn't last a day without you. Now, tell me, how long are you guys staying in town?"

Alec blinks, surprised at the question. "A little bit, probably. We got a lot of gold," he says, shrugging, "also we had some injuries. We prefer to lay low for a while."

"Injuries?" Magnus asks, a little alarmed, "are you al right?"

Alec shrugs his worry and smiles. "Yeah, down't worry, nothing one of your potions couldn't handle."

"You took the one I made especially for you, right?" Manus asks, closing in on Alec. They are so close now, that their breathes are almost intertwining.

Still, Alec grimaces. "Izzy was way worse than me and I..."

"You had to give it to her, as always such a good brother," Magnus whispers, not as mad as Alec had feared he would be. You wouldn't be you if you didn't, Alexander. But I think you forgot to give me something."

He thinks about it, tries to remember what he should have given Magnus, and when he takes too long the other huffes and then points at his own lips, arching one eyebrow. Oh, that.

Alec hesitates a second and then he pushes forward, kissing Magnus.

The other smiles into the kiss, and his magic flares around them, lighting all the candles in the shop. It's nice, Alec thinks, that he has this effect on Magnus,

"Wellcome home, darling," Magnus purrs, and Alec just smiles.

He's home.


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