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Avengers; Knighted

Titolo: Knighted
Fandom: Avengers
Pairing: Steve/Tony
Word Count: 539 (Fidipù)
Rating: SAFE;
Scritta per il COWT 8, Medieval!AU
Summary: Steve finally accomplishes his dreams.

Steve has never really believed he could one day get here, kneeling for the Kind of the land. He is just a lowly farmer who had never been good at doing what he was supposed to do.

His dream ever since he was little had been to be a knight, to serve the kingdom in a better way than what he was doing.

Steve's health had prevented him to do that for the longest time, but he had never given up. He had decided to keep going and train every day and his sacrifices had been worth it just for this moment.

King Tony raises his sword and then lowers it on top of Steve's right shoulder. "It's my honour to welcome you to the knights of the realm, Sir Steven," the king says, his voice deep and somber.

Steve almost trembles at the idea that he actually made it. He's inside the castle, at the feet of the king and it's all he ever wanted.

Not only because of his own ambitions, but becaue Steve had always admired King Tony and his innovative politics. Upon his raise to the trone the new king had been greatly opposed in all his reformes, but he hadn't backed down.

He had gone ahead and he had prevaled.

Now, their little kingdom has never been more prosper.

"Raise, Knight Rogers," the King says and Steve obeys immediately. He knows that everyone is watching him and that he should turn around to receive his applause, but he just looks into the King's eyes.

They are darker than he would have thought, and yet they are warm and kind. So many wars, and there is no sign of cruelty in them.

"This," Steve says, ffinding the courage inside him, "is the greates honor I'll ever receive. Serving you and this kingdom."

The king startles at his admission, a little surprised. Steve wonders if he doesn't know how much of an inspiration he is to them all, if maybe people don't tell him enough.

"T-Thank you," King Tony coughs, finding his voice again, "that means a lot. We're glad to have you serve us, tales of your incredible strenght precede you."

Steve smiles and finally turns around. The room applaudes him while he starts moving in the croud. Bucky is there, waiting for him and hugging him.

"I knew you could do it, Stevie, what did I tell you?" his best friend says and Steve smiles at him even while he looks back towards the king.

The King is still watching him, his eyes burning on Steve's back. The moment their eyes meet, the King seems to startle, surprised to have been caught, and he looks away. From this distance, it seems like he's blushing.

Steve looks, enthralled, until Bucky reclaims his attention once again.

"Steve! Are you too starstruck to pay attention to me?" Bucky asks laughing and Steve might be, if he's honest with himself. He still can't believe that he's really here and that, not even moments ago, he was talking with the King.

"You'll see, it will pass you soon," Bucky assures him, "You'll have enough of it in no time."
A part of Steve thinks he won't, but he doesn't say anything.



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