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Voltron; TRC!AU; A tower full of darkness

Titolo: A tower full of darkness
Fandom: Voltron
Pairing: Shiro/Keith
Word Count: 923 (Fidipù)
Rating: SAFE;
Scritta per il COWT 8, Oscurità
Summary: Tsubasa Resevoir Chronicles!AU

When they discover it, he looks at Keith last. Not because he doesn't care about his reaction, but for exactly the opposite reason.
He's not sure he'll survive the look of disappointment from him, the hurt and betrayed look that Kuron had dreaded all his life.
He hasn't called himself Kuron in years, ever since he got out of that terrible prison. Because the name Shiro had been a curse he had placed on himself. A reminder of what he had done, of the sin that he will never able to wash from his own hands.
Lance looks shocked and hurt, while Hunk just looks confused. Pidge looks angry and betrayed and he wants to apologize, but he doesn't think the words will be enough.
Allura, on the other hand, doesn't look too shocked. She has been getting stronger, one quintessence crystal at a time, and he thinks that she might have guessed even before this. Her words had been kinder to him, lately, and he doesn't know what it means.
Kuron has hesitated enough, so he turns towards Keith, readying himself for anything. He will have to face this just like everything in his life. He knows he deserved this, knows that whatever they do to him, will never be as terrible as what he did so many years ago.
Keith's face is expressionless. Even his eyes, that had always been the part of him that Kuron could always read like an open book, bore into his skin, apathetic. It's like everything that made Keith himself is gone.
Zarkon laughs behind them, but there is nothing Kuron can do. He made a pact with him many years ago, a pact that he can't break. A pact he doesn't deserve to break.
"What does this mean, man?" Lance asks, a little out of breath. And Hunk asks, his voice small and tentative, "Shiro?"
But Kuron isn't Shiro. Shiro has been dead for years, killed by Kuron's hands. It's why he's doing it, he needs to remember.
Zarkon promised him, a long time ago, that he would resuscitate Shiro, that he would make them whole again.
So he closes his eyes and gets ready to fight.

When Kuron was born, the entire kingdom was ecstatic. An heir to the throne, finally. But the happiness was short lived. Just mere seconds after Kuron's birth, the queen gave birth to another boy.
Shiro, he was called, and they looked identical in everything but their eyes. Kuron's golden unlike Shiro's silver.
But the birth of twins was a sign of tragedies to come for the kingdom, foretold by the sages. Years passed before the prophecy would be fulfilled, and by then the kids loved each other more than anything else. But the crops were dying and people were hungry and they all turned against them.
The kingdom locked them up in a tower, one at the top and one at the bottom, while the entire kingdom descended into tragedy. Soon, they were the only one left.
Starving and lonely.
It was then that Zarkon appeared to them, granting only one of them freedom at the cost of the other sibling's life.
And Kuron had accepted.

The guilt of his decision followed him in the years to come, and to try and alleviate him he had changed his name.
But, Zarkon had promised him, if he gave her the princess that lost her time and her memories, he would bring Shiro back.
Kuron knows now that Zarkon probably will never keep the promise, but what kind of person wouldn't even try? He had already let his brother die, doesn't he at least have to try and bring him back?

Allura forgives him, tells him that she doesn't blame him for what he tried to do, but Kuron still feels like the others do.
He sees it in the way they look at him, their hesitant smiles. They don't know what to tell him, don't know what to say.
It's Keith that comes to him first. And while the other had at least said something to him, Keith had been silent all this time.
"Kuron," Keith calls him, and it's so strange, hearing his real name from his lips.
He closes his eyes and tries to keep in the tears.
Keith doesn't say anything, just gives him one of the crystals. Kuron looks at it surprised and looks back at the other. Those crystals are Allura's she needs them to get all her memories back.
"She said she can live without this, and that you need it more than she does," Keith explains and Kuron takes it, hesitantly.
When he touches it a memory resurfaces, of him and Shiro in the tower, plunged into darkness and despair and sadness. And he closes his eyes.
He doesn't want to see this again, doesn't want to see his mistake.
Zarkon asks "Will you sacrifice your brother to save yourself?" and Kuron remembers his answer vividly.
"No," the Kuron of his vision says, however. He's little, all skin and bone, but he looks determined. Angry.
But Kuron remembers sacrificing his brother. He remembers answering yes.
"He changed your memories," Keith's voice says, from just behind him. "Shiro sacrifices himself for you of his own volition." A moment of pause and then Keith adds, quietly, "He wanted you to live."
Kuron reopens his eyes and looks at his brother, as skin and bones as he had been, while he said to Zarkon, "Kill me, take Kuron. It's okay. Free him."
And Kuron cries.


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